Indiana Innovation Institute is Connected to Research and Operational Assets that Assure Success

Connecting you to the best researchers and the operational assets that assure a successful project is part of what we do. Our resources and partners are vast and include some of the top laboratories, equipment, research facilities and capabilities, and talent in the nation.

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane)
Located on the third largest naval installation in the world, NSWC Crane is a naval laboratory focused on support to the Warfighter by leveraging its technical capabilities for the rapidly changing combat environment.  Anchored by technical expertise, a strong work ethic and total lifecycle leadership, NSWC Crane’s personnel and preeminent facilities set the standard for excellence in acquisition, engineering and sustainment.  NSWC Crane provides comprehensive support for complex military systems spanning design, development, deployment and sustainment in three focus areas:  Electronic Warfare, Strategic Missions and Expeditionary Warfare.

Battery Innovation Center
The Battery Innovation Center is a collaborative initiative that focuses on the rapid development, testing and commercialization of safe, reliable and lightweight energy storage systems for defense and commercial customers. The facility is designed for flexibility and is IP secure. The BIC is a UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) North American testing and validation center.

Rolls-Royce Corporation
Rolls-Royce has become a leading industry supplier in the U.S. with a significant and growing presence. Today, more Rolls-Royce products are built in Indianapolis than anywhere else in the world. Approximately 4,000 employees work in Indianapolis in manufacturing, assembly, test, engineering and a variety of staff support roles. Indianapolis businesses include: Defense, LibertyWorksTM, Civil Small & Medium Engines, Marine and Helicopters.

TASUS Corporation (Tsuchiya Automotive Systems)
TASUS Corporation is a premier supplier of plastic molded components, decals and nameplates, and traded products to the automotive and transportation markets. From its technologically advanced robotics and machinery to its unwavering focus on quality, testing, and the environment, TASUS Corporation continues to set new production standards.

Institute for Global Security and Defense Innovation (i-GSDI) – Discovery Park – Purdue University
i-GSDI in Discovery Park at Purdue University provides cross-cutting research capabilities to Purdue’s strength and core competences in STEM, advanced instrumentation, nanotechnology, social and behavioral sciences, big data/simulation/cyber security, entrepreneurship, and complex systems. These cross-cutting capabilities consist of, but are not limited to, research in autonomous/cognitive systems, cyber, propulsion, energetics and thermal management, advanced electronics and photonics.

Birck Nanotechnology Center – Discovery Park – Purdue University
The Birck Nanotechnology Center in Discovery Park at Purdue University is an interdisciplinary research unit that provides infrastructure for 160 affiliated faculty members and their research groups from 36 academic units at Purdue. The 186,000 sq. ft. facility includes a 25,000 sq. ft. ISO Class 3-4-5 (Class 1-10-100) nanofabrication cleanroom. The Scifres Nanofabrication Laboratory includes a 2,500 sq. ft. ISO Class 6 (Class 1000) pharmaceutical-grade biomolecular cleanroom.

Boeing/AFOSR Mach 6 Quiet Wind Tunnel – Purdue University
One of only four quiet hypersonic wind tunnel’s in the world, the Boeing/AFOSR Mach 6 Quiet Tunnel at Purdue University is capable of running quietly at hypersonic speed. Researchers use the Tunnel to help design advanced aircraft and missiles that travel above Mach 5, or five times the speed of sound. The quiet operation is critical for improving predictions of when smooth, or laminar, flow will transition to unsteady or turbulent flow.

School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering-Indiana University
A combination of programs including informatics, computer science, intelligent systems engineering, data science, library science, and information science and makes this school one of the largest, broadest and most accomplished of its kind. In January 2018, IU opened Luddy Hall, the new home for the school which provides an environment for collaboration and innovation. The school is home to five fabrication and prototype labs, 25 research labs, and 12 instructional labs.

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