INnovation in MicroElectronics Consortium (INMEC)


The Indiana Innovation Institute (IN3) brings together the best minds in government, academia and industry to solve real world problems for the Department of Defense, National Security Agencies and industry. Our purpose-built teams transform ideas to capabilities. We know we can’t do it alone, so we are bringing together an alliance of collaborative organizations in our consortium to solve those challenging problems, faster and more efficiently.


Working together, our consortium members uncover urgent requirements and organize their capabilities to bring solutions to the end users in both government and industry. Together, we generate the momentum to solve the nation’s toughest microelectronics supply chain challenges. By joining the consortium, your business can be part of this exchange.

  • The consortium provides a deep network of collaborators, and a platform to showcase your company’s latest solutions.
  • It provides access to current and relevant defense requirements and technology, and procurement and policy issues.
  • It provides a feedback loop to highlight new opportunities to maximize the defense potential of your company.


To learn more about the INnovation in MicroElectronics Consortium (INMEC), contact Mike Dodd, Director of Business Development,