An all-star group of leaders on a mission to innovate

A hand-picked all-star team of innovators is driving applied research to real solutions that make a difference. Supported by the Governor of Indiana, presidents of top research universities, along with military and industry leaders, the Indiana Innovation Institute pushes the pace of innovation.

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A trim and agile structure speeds technology development

Get your innovation to the end user while it’s still innovative. We bring government, industry and academia to the same table for you. Our streamlined process allows a fast, flexible, financially feasible approach.

A connection to top laboratories, equipment, research facilities and star talent

Getting VIP access to billions of dollars in operational assets connects you to award winning researchers and star talent working hard to get you a product or solution that impacts people’s lives.


Trusted Microelectronics

Developing trusted microelectronics that are counterfeit resistant and immune to a wide variety of attacks. These trusted microelectronics have applications in virtually all military products and drive a $189 billion commercial industry for products you use every day.


Advancing AI to see differently

Whether it’s reading you the weather forecast with a simple voice command, or analyzing vast amounts of data to help inform a life-saving medical treatment, artificial intelligence is influencing our daily lives more than ever before. At Indiana University (IU), researchers are working to advance the promise of artificial intelligence, while also making this crucial technology understandable to a wider audience. IN3 is helping IU to advance this work.

Purdue engineers to participate in newest Department of Defense program; IN3 to assist

A team of engineers from Purdue’s School of Aeronautics and Astronautics will work as part of a new U.S. Department of Defense program intended to accelerate basic research innovations, with defense relevance, into the marketplace. The Purdue team will collaborate with Mike Dodd, director of business development for the Indiana Innovation Institute (IN3), as part of the inaugural I-Corps @DoD program.