Trusted Microelectronics

Semiconductors are the key components that drive the operation of critical electronic systems in both the commercial and military sectors. However, the security and integrity of the microelectronics that control our electronics is under increasing hardware and software-based attacks which puts large portions of our economy and national security at risk.

The Indiana Innovation Institute is working on technologies which help to counter these attacks, increases resistance to counterfeiting, and has applications in nearly all electronic devices.


Hypersonics, the study and implementation of aircraft and weapons that have velocities greater than five times the speed of sound, inches closer to reality each year.

The State of Indiana has distinct capabilities to support the pursuit of hypersonic travel and weapon systems. World class research universities with aeronautical engineering programs and facilities to support the research can be found at IN3’s partner academic institutions. We also have a number of partners in the aerospace industry and at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division that have access to a deep customer base.


Massive amounts of image data from systems ranging from body cameras, autonomous vehicles, military ships, drones and missile defense systems have become pervasive in command and control centers throughout the world. We are now at a point where most of the electromagnetic spectrum has been leveraged, and we are flooded with massive amounts of data; much of which never gets analyzed. 

The Indiana Innovation Institute and our partners are working toward machine aided data analysis, decentralized processing, and multispectral data fusion that allows the sensor data to be automatically analyzed and used to make decisions in the battlefield and in commercial applications.

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