Indiana Innovation Institute (IN3)

The Indiana Innovation Institute (IN3) is an applied research institute established to rapidly and efficiently transition next generation basic research into products and solutions to solve emerging technical challenges for the Department of Defense (DoD) and industry. IN3 brings together the best minds from government, industry and academia to work on cutting-edge technology and transform ideas to capabilities.

INdiana Consortium for Advanced Technology Transition (INCATT)


Our consortium of partners focuses on finding solutions to some of the difficult threats currently impacting our national security:

  • The reliability and security of the national semiconductor supply chain
  • The development of hypersonic weapons and defensive systems to counter these weapons
  • The ongoing battle for superiority in the electromagnetic spectrum


Semiconductors are the key components that drive the operation of critical electronic systems in both the commercial and military sectors. However, the security and integrity of the microelectronics that control our electronics is under increasing hardware and software-based attacks which puts large portions of our economy and national security at risk.   

The Indiana Innovation Institute (IN3) and our strategic partners are working on technologies which help to counter these issues and have applications in nearly all electronic devices. The technologies under development by our team in trusted microelectronics have a number of applications including increasing reliability, anti-counterfeiting, anti-tamper, and hardware security.


Hypersonics, or flight at greater than 5 times the speed of sound, is key to our nation’s defense moving forward as increasingly fast projectiles and aircraft push our existing defense structure to the limit. Hypersonic capabilities are growing throughout the world, and the U.S. needs to expand their technical capabilities in this area. The Indiana Innovation Institute (IN3) and our strategic partners can work on technologies and research to successfully implement Hypersonic capabilities into our defense network. Areas of focus include:

  • Modeling and simulation
  • Advanced materials
  • Propulsion
  • Detection
  • Defensive measures
  • Signature collection/management

Indiana is home to world-class facilities and researchers at its top universities that are integral to solving this problem.


Our national defense, as well as most things in our everyday lives, is dependent on the safe and reliable use of electronics and electronic devices. Many of these devices rely on vast amounts of bandwidth and an uncontested electromagnetic spectrum. This vulnerability of the spectrum represents a threat to national security as these devices are susceptible to many types of electronic attacks which severely damage some of our defense capabilities. However, it also represents an opportunity if national defense can be augmented with electronic warfare weapons and techniques designed to impact the enemy’s ability to utilize their weapons effectively.

The Indiana Innovation Institute (IN3) and our strategic partners work on technologies and research to be able to successfully implement electronic warfare capabilities into our defense network. Research into electromagnetic impacts on weapons systems, detecting and monitoring EW attacks, controlling autonomous vehicles, directed energy, and training of our forces to improve our capabilities, are all potential areas of focus.


We identify and assemble expert teams from government, industry and the DoD, and couple them with world class talent from top research universities to create an optimal environment for driving innovation.


By joining our team, we all generate the momentum to solve our toughest defense challenges.

The consortium provides a platform to demonstrate your organization’s latest solution. It provides access to current and relevant defense technologies, procurement requirements and policy issues, and can provide opportunities to maximize the potential of your organization.


The Indiana Innovation Institute (IN3) is supported by an all-star team of innovators, who are driving applied research to real solutions that make a difference. View our Board of Directors.





To learn more about the INdiana Consortium for Advanced Technology Transition (INCATT), contact Julie Griffith, Executive Vice President for Strategy, Partnerships and Outreach,